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Elevate your product quality with science-backed human-residential bifidobacteria (HRB) probiotics and postbiotics. Morinaga leads groundbreaking research and development rooted in HRB, a specific group of beneficial bacteria naturally occurring in the human digestive system, essential for maintaining gut health and overall human wellness.*

Discover our range of functional products that support digestive health, immunity, healthy infant development, and more. Our biotic ingredients are highly stable and well-researched, making them easy to integrate into your dietary supplements, functional foods, and infant nutrition products. By incorporating our biotic ingredients into your products, you can contribute to a healthier and more sustainable future for everyone.*

B. longum BB536 for Multifunctional Use

Our flagship strain, B. longum BB536, offers a range of functional benefits. It promotes a healthy gut and aids in the colonization of beneficial microorganisms, including the Bifidobacterium species. Moreover, B. longum BB536 helps maintain immune health, supporting healthy metabolic well-being and ensuring a healthy and normal response to allergic symptoms.*

Immune Support

B. breve M-16V for Infant Health

B. breve M-16V is tailored to promote the healthy growth of infants, maintaining their overall well-being, fostering a healthy gut environment, and supporting healthy and normal allergic responses.*

Immune Support

B. infantis M-63 for Infant and Adult Health

B. infantis M-63 is a versatile probiotic strain renowned for its wide-ranging benefits, especially in infants and children. It excels in promoting the growth of Bifidobacterium in the gut, which is a key element in fostering gut health and supporting mental well-being for adults. B. infantis M-63 is unique among gut bacteria in its immense capacity to utilize human milk oligosaccharide (HMOs), the component that is highly abundant in human breast milk.*


B. breve B-3 for Weight Management

B. breve B-3 is a distinctive probiotic strain with an emphasis on its interaction with gut microbiota to maintain healthy metabolic processes. B. breve B-3 possesses an attractive effect in contributing to healthy weight and body fat percentage and ultimately improving one’s lifestyle.*

Healthy Weight Support

LAC-Shield for Immunity

LAC-Shield is a patented and clinically studied heat-killed strain of beneficial lactic acid bacteria with excellent immune-supporting activities in individuals with already healthy and normal status.*

Immune Support