About Morinaga

Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd. stands as a prominent force in Japan’s dairy industry. Their journey into the world of probiotics began in the 1960s, driven by the recognition that Bifidobacteria plays a pivotal role as the dominant inhabitants in the digestive systems of breast-fed infants. A defining moment occurred in 1969 when Morinaga Milk successfully isolated its flagship strain, B. longum BB536, from an infant source. Since then, Morinaga Milk has continuously pushed the boundaries of innovation and technology, offering beneficial functional ingredients to customers worldwide.*

Morinaga Milk leads groundbreaking research and development rooted in HRB, a specific group of beneficial bacteria naturally occurring in the human digestive system, essential for maintaining gut health and overall human wellness. While various strains of Bifidobacteria may exhibit traits beneficial for human health, it’s essential to note that not all within the Bifidobacterial genus possess such advantageous characteristics. Morinaga Milk’s research is dedicated to discerning the distinctions between HRBs and Non-HRBs. This research serves as the foundation for developing Morinaga Milk’s current HRB probiotics brands, uncovering their distinct attributes and understanding how they contribute to human health.*

As a subsidiary of Morinaga Milk, Morinaga Nutritional Foods is committed to championing the sales and promotion of Morinaga’s HRB probiotics and postbiotics. We stand ready to support you in the development of various product types, including dietary supplements, functional foods, and infant nutrition. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovative solutions in the realm of probiotics and postbiotics is focused on delivering valuable and versatile offerings to businesses across the food, supplement, and nutraceutical industries. We are dedicated to supporting your success with high-quality, science-backed ingredients. Our products are recognized for their remarkable stability, safety, and quality, supported by rigorous clinical studies.